Dip,Drop,Drive photo  
photo:Hiromi WAKUI
ATSUKO Yoshifuku

Choreographer / Dancer

ATSUKO Yohsifuku is a contemporary dancer and choreographer.
She was born in Tokyo Japan,and lives in Tokyo now.
She started studying dance during childhood. She studied modern dance under Eiko Shimoda and Teruo Kurosawa, classic ballet under Kikuko Tanaka.

1985-89 : Member of MIKA Kurosawa & Dancers.
1989-96 : Founded ATA DANCE with TAKAO Kawaguchi,and began collaboration on join works.
1996 : Began solo activities.
2005 : collaborated with composer and artist, and created works of music,image,art device and dance.

Obsrving normal life from a different perspective,an extraordinry world will emerge.
Sincerely searching for the body's natural sense& constitution, and for the essence of what makes dance "dance". Reading the dance like books.
Striving to envision an imaginary world, as would be found in a painting or surrealism.